INSIDE BASEBALL: Updates, insights from cases against FirstEnergy’s bad deal for West Virginians

FirstEnergy PSC Case # West Virginians For Energy Freedom

In the coming months under the heading of “Inside Baseball,” we’ll be sharing updates and insights from the FirstEnergy cases before the Public Service Commission of West Virginia (PSC) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). We’re calling it “Inside Baseball” since many twists and turns in the processes may not make headlines but it is information worth noting. Got a question about the cases or the process? Click here to let us know!

  • The PSC recently ruled that the parties, including the Consumer Advocate Division and intervenors such as WV SUN and WV Citizen Action Group (CAG), will not be allowed to ask discovery questions about Mon Power's second round of testimony to get more information about the assumptions underlying its testimony. We are concerned about this ruling, because discovery is needed to get all the information on the table. We, together with most other parties in the case, asked the PSC to reconsider this order, but the PSC refused. Unfortunately, this order will limit access to information that could aid the PSC in making its decision.
  • Energy companies including Longview, ESC Brooke County Power, and ESC Harrison County Power also intervened in the PSC case. 
  • The PSC has established a schedule for this case for WV SUN and CAG — and other parties opposed to FirstEnergy's scheme —  to file testimony in late August. Mon Power and Potomac Edison will have a chance to respond with additional testimony in mid-September.