Updates: Op/Ed in The Parkersburg News and Sentinel; hearing details

No Bailout For FirstEnergy Red

William Ambrose of Parkersburg delivered a strong Op/Ed in Sunday's issue of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel against FirstEnergy Corp.'s corporate bailout attempt with the Pleasants power plant deal before the PSC. Ambrose is a retired surveyor and founding member of Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Action, a member of West Virginians For Energy Freedom coalition. Below are a few excerpts from his excellent piece on FirstEnergy's bad deal for West Virginians. Click here to read the full commentary and leave a comment if you're so inclined (Tip: If the Google survey pops up, scroll to the bottom of it and click "Skip survey").

"FirstEnergy’s rationale for the sale is a bunch of high-minded double talk about how it will benefit energy consumers. Once you understand the issues, however, it becomes clear it is actually a cynical ploy to bail out a non-competitive drag on their portfolio with a hefty subsidy forced onto their customers."


"FirstEnergy knows its cost saving argument can’t withstand scrutiny. They’re hoping the PSC will swallow their assertion that they’re in the beginning of a capacity shortfall that will peak in 2027 and require Pleasants to shore it up."


"FirstEnergy is hoping this sale gets connected to “war on coal “ hysteria in enough people’s minds to obscure what’s really happening: A shameless, predatory corporate bailout."


Click here to read a pithy Letter To The Editor that also published in Sunday's News and Sentinel.

Join us Wednesday at the PSC Public Hearing in Parkersburg. West Virginians For Energy Freedom is holding a pre-rally hearing at 5:30 p.m. outside the Parkersburg Municipal Building. Click here for more information on the rally and the hearing. 

Wear dark blue to demonstrate your opposition to FirstEnergy's bailout attempt. Stop by our table for a "No WV Bailout sticker," talking points and more. Got a question? Click here to email us.