Brief: Mon Power and Potomac Edison do not need to purchase a large power plant

Lawyers filed their initial briefs today (Thursday, Oct. 19) with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia in FirstEnergy Corp.’s proposed sale of the Pleasants Power Station from Allegheny Energy Supply (“AE Supply”) to Monongahela Power and Potomac Edison. All three companies are subsidiaries of FirstEnergy, which is based in Akron, Ohio.

Attorneys representing West Virginia Solar United Neighborhoods (WV SUN) and West Virginia Citizen Action Group (WV CAG), founding members of West Virginians For Energy Freedom are Emmett Pepper of WV CAG and Michael Soules of Earthjustice.

Highlights from the brief

  • Mon Power and Potomac Edison (the Companies) do not need to purchase a large power plant.
  • Although the Companies have tried to obscure it with a panoply of unsupported rationales, the record shows that the proposed transaction is being driven by FirstEnergy’s stated desire to reduce its exposure to market risks by shedding its merchant operations – at the expense of West Virginia customers.
  • If approved, the transaction would shift the costs and market risks of the Pleasants Power Station onto 530,000 West Virginia customers, while FirstEnergy – and its shareholders – enjoy full cost recovery and a steady rate of return on the plant’s regulated rate base.

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According to PSC's website at 5 p.m. today, in Case #17-0296-E-PC, the number of letters from the public: 
Total In Protest:  2511
Total In Support:    51