West Virginians For Energy Freedom are your neighbors, organizations in your community, local businesses, and officials who believe West Virginians should not have to bail out FirstEnergy Corp. and its shareholders.


We need more sustainable energy!
— Thomas Wimer, owner of Mountain State Fish Hatchery
Simply put, I agree this is a very bad deal for West Virginians! I urge the Public Service Commission to reject this purchase and consider instead the best interest of the constituency that it was formed to serve.
— William A. Kawecki , Mayor of Morgantown
There is no reason to force West Virginians to buy expensive, dirty power from out-of-state corporations for years on end, when cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable, and locally owned options are available.
— Dan Conant, Founder of Solar Holler
In Lewisburg, we are trying to develop our local economy to build and retain wealth in the community. FirstEnergy’s proposal – which will result in completely unnecessary rate increases for Lewisburg residents, just to benefit FirstEnergy shareholders –moves us in the wrong direction.
— John Manchester, Mayor of Lewisburg
We need an energy policy that serves consumers, not cronies.
— Stephen Smith, WV Healthy Kids and Families Coalition
Energy efficiency is better than an old power plant.
— Randy Swartz, owner of Home Efficiency Solutions
We work with low-income households where the energy burden has a substantial affect on the ability to maintain a safe warm household.
— Richard C. Smith, executive director of Eastern West Virginia Community Action Agency
Morgantown Mayor Marti Shamberger
I believe the residents of our state deserve efficient clean energy production, as well as the ability to breathe clean air. The proposed action by First Energy is contrary to my belief and the long term interest of our state.
— Marti Shamberger, former Mayor of Morgantown
I’m tired of big energy getting richer at the expense of West Virginians.
— Barbara Swick, owner of Classic Properties LLC
Clark A. Dixon Jr.
For the sustained health of the Earth, think future... act today.
— Clark A. Dixon Jr., Potomac Valley Master Naturalist Program chairman
We support this coalition because far too many working families in West Virginia are struggling to make ends meet and we need to put their interests ahead of the special interests that are rigging the system in their favor.
— Ted Boettner, West Virginia Center on Budget & Policy
To protect low-income families, Monongahela Power should be required to explore lower cost means of meeting any further power needs of West Virginia.
— The Rev. Jeffrey S. Allen, West Virginia Council Of Churches
As the owner of several large buildings in Eastern West Virginia, we can’t afford another wasteful power plant.
— Kelly Williams, owner of South Branch Inns in Moorefield and Romney, South Branch Cinema 6 and South Branch Potomac Lanes in Moorefield.